Description of the service trayzr

TRAYZR is a cloud-based suite of business analytics tools which allows users to connect their own data and to visualise, analyse, export and send it. It offers users access to individual pieces of data via a report designer. The reports compiled using the report designer can be visualised in tables and diagrams and saved on user-specific dashboards. A subscription function makes it possible to send automated customised reports at selected intervals by e-mail or to make them available on FTP servers.

Data source Management

The data for working with trayzr comes from data sources. The customer's own data sources are connected for the purpose of carrying out analyses using trayzr. A component of this is maintaining the data connected to the data sources as well as maintaining the structure of the data source and displaying attributes and indicators from the data source in the trayzr system.

In this connection, trayzr supports the connection of various relational database management systems (RDBMS/"SQL Databases"). A current overview of the database management systems supported can be found at When executing the reports, trayzr directly reads the customer's RDBMS and the data stored there. SQL requests are dynamically generated and executed as shown in the diagram of the database structure in the data source management.

In addition to it being possible to connect databases in RDBMS, trayzr supports working with CSV (Character Separated Values) and Excel files (XLS and XLSX). These files are uploaded to the data source management for analysis in trayzr. The data source is then shown in trayzr, analogous to working with RDBMS. Reports can then be compiled and executed with the data source thus compiled.

Report Designer

In trayzr, the report designer is used to compile reports. As a matter of principle, a report definition consists of a combination of attributes and indicators. The result of the report can be further adapted by using filters, rankings and aggregation definitions.

After selecting one of the data sources, the defined attributes and indicators are available to the user. This element can be positioned using drag and drop and thus used to create the report definition. The result can be shown either as a table or as a diagram or can be directly exported as a table or diagram. Various diagram types can be selected from a diagram design menu.

There is also a "send by e-mail" option which allows the compiled report to be sent by e-mail on an ad hoc basis.

Reports can be saved in the report designer and added to dashboards.


Subscriptions allow the automatic execution and automatic sending of reports on the basis of a customisable schedule.

Reports serve as the basis for this. A subscription can contain several reports.

Subscriptions can be sent by e-mail or uploaded as a file to an FTP server.

It is possible to embed the report as a table and/or graphic and to attach the report as a CSV or Excel file to the e-mail. It is also possible to embed customised messages into the e-mail.


Users can place the reports they have set up on dashboards in order to analyse different reports at once. The arrangement of the reports is customisable and can be customised by the users themselves. The size and arrangement of the reports can be selected on the basis of a pre-defined grid.

The purpose of dashboards is to collect and individually group compiled reports. The reports placed on a dashboard can be jointly analysed and filtered. For each report it is possible to choose between table view and diagram view.

Reports compiled from different data sources can be amalgamated onto one dashboard.

Reports are then executed when a dashboard is loaded. The dashboard thus shows the current status of the underlying data source. In the case of RDBMS-based data sources, the report directly accesses the source system. To update a file-based data source, a current version of the file must be uploaded to the system.

User Management

trayzr makes it possible to set up several users with differing rights to the functions and data. Users can be collected into groups (known as user groups). These groups can be given rights to functions and data in the same way. It is possible for a user to not be allocated to a group or to be allocated to an unlimited number of groups. The individual rights for each user can be seen from the amalgamation of all group rights with the rights allocated to each user. The number of users available depends on the selected package and the number of user licenses purchased.

Display and URL

trayzr allows the colours used (font colours, background colours, frames) and the logos used (requires special package)) to be changed. It is not possible to customise the system in any other way. The colours can be defined in an input mask in which the corresponding colour values can be entered for different components and the image files can be exchanged. The individually customised interface is generated when the definition is saved. Once it has been generated, the web platform is available in the new colours. The adjustment made is valid for the entire organisation and also has the same appearance for other users.

It is also possible to make the trayzr system accessible via a customisable URL (requires a special package). An example is: Such information can be input into trayzr in an input mask in the organisation management.

Also part of the individual customisability is the possibility of inputting the user's own e-mail address data (requires special package). This ensures that reports sent (e.g. in a subscription) are sent from the customer's own e-mail address, rather than from the address of the trayzr system.

Appendix: description of service availability

1. Target availability

trayzr shall endeavour to provide the Customer with the Service on the basis of a target availability of 98 % on average over a calendar month during operating hours.

2. Operating hours

Operating hours shall not include maintenance work announced by trayzr by e- mail (e.g. installation of updates or upgrades) of up to 8 hours per calendar month. trayzr shall endeavour to carry out maintenance work at night (between 22:00 and 6:00 CET) or at weekends. trayzr shall inform the Customer about planned maintenance work in due time in advance by e- mail.

3. Availability achieved

When calculating the availability actually achieved ("Availability Achieved"), outages of the Service on grounds of force majeure (e.g. strike, unrest, natural disasters, epidemics) shall not be taken into account. Also not taken into account shall be times when trayzr blocks the Service because trayzr considers this necessary for security reasons, providing trayzr had taken reasonable measures to secure the Service (e.g. denial of service attacks, serious security loopholes in third-party software used where there is no patch available). Decisive for the level of Availability Achieved shall, in the event of dispute, be trayzr's calculation.

4. Service credits

If the Availability Achieved is below the target availability in one calendar month, the Customer shall have a right to service credits amounting to the fee for use for the calendar month concerned (basic fee and fees for user subscriptions) on the basis of the following table:

Availability Achieved | Service Credits

>=99% | Non

>= 97% and <99% | 10 %

>= 95% and <97% | 15 %

>= 90% and <95% | 20 %

>= 80% and <90% | 50 %

<80% | 100 %

Service credits must be claimed by the Customer within 6 weeks of the end of the calendar month concerned. Service credits shall be deducted from the Customer's next invoice. There shall be no right to have the service credits paid out.

5. Termination right

If the Availability Achieved is less than 80 % in two consecutive calendar months or 60 % in one calendar month, the Customer shall have the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect within 30 days.

6. No further-reaching claims

According to the understanding and will of the parties, not reaching the target availability shall not constitute a defect in the Service of trayzr; instead the provisions on availability and the service credits as a unit shall constitute the description of the Service of trayzr and the Customer's consideration. As such, if the target availability is not reached, in addition to the service credits and the termination options, there shall be no rights to reduce the price, to compensation or to rescind the agreement or any further-reaching rights of termination.