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  • Elegant & intuitive user interface

    While other Business Intelligence solutions are often overloaded, trayzr offers a clean and modern user interface that simplifies on-boarding for beginners and lets professionals achieve their tasks faster.

  • Works platform independent and without setup

    The trayzr frontend runs in all modern browsers. Use trayzr on your laptop, your desktop computer or your tablet. Access your data wherever you are and whenever you want.

  • See results live

    Whether you're designing reports to form powerful dashboards or you just want to retrieve answers from your data ad-hoc: the report designer is your tool of choice.

  • Valuable analysis – even for beginners

    No SQL knowledge is needed to analyze the data. Reports can be created intuitively by drag&drop to easily extract insights from attributes and metrics.

  • Collaboration made easy

    Share reports with your colleagues or customers. Use the report designer to analyze data live and work on the results collaboratively. Subscribe to reports and automatically send out reports to colleagues, customers or the management board by mail.

  • Your perfect tool for ad-hoc reporting

    trayzr is your perfect companion to create ad-hoc reports. Use ad-hoc reporting to dig deeper into your data step-by-step.

Express your insights with charts

To present your data in the best way possible, trayzr offers a range of visualization options. Presenting your revenue figures in tabular form as well as a line chart – sure, that’s a must! trayzr’s diagram designer will give you a lot of customization options.

All charts and diagrams can be sent via eMail or exported as a file.

On top of your data

Decide where your data is stored and who can access it. With its very detailed access control management trayzr allows to apply even the most complex permission and access policies.

Full data sovereignty

You’re the master of your data and trayzr surely don’t try to change this. trayzr only has read-access to your data. Where your data is stored is defined by your systems.

Flexible user management

trayzr offers a very detailed access control. This allows to apply even the most complex permission and access policies. All this ensures that every group and every user only sees the data that has been granted access to.

Encrypted traffic

Your data is encrypted via SSL by default and is thus protected from access by third parties. Granular rights management guarantees access to data for your organization and users.

Keep track of the costs

In addition to the inclusive user, you can add and remove individual user licenses. Thus, trayzr adapts flexibly to your company size.

Make trayzr your product

When data is the oil of the 21st century, then trayzr is your refinery that let’s you create valuable insights and products from your data resources. Use trayzr as your data analytics platform and also offer your customers a powerful Business Intelligence system.

  • Custom logo and individual color scheme
    Use trayzr in your own custom look & feel. Upload your logo, your color scheme and even configure your own custom domain to hide any hint of trayzr and just make it your product.
  • Custom domain
    Your trayzr instance can be accessed by your own domain, to allow your users to use a known address, such as reporting.mycompany.com
  • Custom email data
    Furthermore, all email setting can be adjusted to yours. trayzr then only runs in the background and your company presents the product independently.
  • API access
    trayr is based on a RESTful API and can easily be connected to third-party systems.

Unlimited possibilities with our API

trayr is based on a RESTful API and therefore suitable for third-party software. Each feature can also be used without a frontend and is available to them with an API key.

See trayzr API

The choice is yours

Your data can be stored in various ways. Never mind if stored in relational data bases or in files. trayzr can connect to these sources.

Data Excel
Data Mysql
Data Oracle
Data Postgres
Data Sql
Data Exasol
Data Mariadb
Data Access
Data Amazon Redshift

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