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The situation

sensalytics wants to give brick and mortar retailers tools to analyze their business in a way online retailers already do for a long time. sensalytics is the “Google Analytics of the real world”.

The sensalytics appliance consists of powerful sensors (such as people counters) and an intuitive analytics solution. The sensors are installed on-site fairly easy. From this moment on, data is sent to sensalytics system in real-time.

The challenge

A system was specified that can hold up to the customer’s analytical requirements but still offers a comfortable way to be gain quick insights to what is happening in retail stores, real estate, museums, airports and fair halls and booths.

Front platform

The solution

trayzr is the perfect tool for the analytical infrastructure of the sensalytics solution. The wide range of visualization options really helps visualizing sensor data, detailed and meaningful. The intuitive interface simplifies the onboarding process, especially for Analytics-Newbies. On the other hand, data analysts have their tools at hand to analyze sensor data in sensalytics.

The iPad app is a great supplement to the desktop analytics portal and offers a great mobile data analysis experience.

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The result

trayzr is one of the core elements of the sensalytics appliance. The sensalytics portal, basically the trayzr portal with a lot of custom cockpits, along with trayzr’s analytical engine are part of the software part. This part processes, aggregates and visualizes all data that is transferred from the on-site sensors.

Thanks to the cloud-based approach of trayzr and the sensalytics appliance, adjustments and improvements always affect sensalytics analytical features positively.

trayzr is the core system of our sensalytics “Retail Analytics” solution. Integrating our data sources was done quite fast and with low effort. Our customers really appreciate the modern and intuitive user interface and appreciate the wide feature range of trayzr.
Marlon Moldovan — Head of Sales, sensalytics

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