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trayzr is your easy to use solution for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

What trayzr can do for you

trayzr is a tool to analyze business data and share insights. Monitor all your business metrics and gain insights where ever you are, whenever you want.

Evaluate your campaigns

trayzr, as your Marketing Business Intelligence solution, enables you to analyze and optimize your marketing campaigns in real time. Create meaningful reports and dashboards and monitor your metrics with just a few clicks. This results in your success and an increased ROI of your campaigns.

Segment your customer base

Detailed segmentation of your client base can give you an enormous competitive advantage, when using it to align your marketing actions according to these segments effectively. By combining and using various data sources, you’ll get a detailed and complete profile of your customer. Your decisions for marketing budgets based on these profiles will be fact based.

Monitor your sales process

trayzr supports your sales department as the ideal solution for data analysis to monitor all sales processes. Your current revenue metrics in sight and your individual dashboard always at hand you’re ready for new sales actions.

Performance Monitoring

Professional dashboards and the innovative subscription feature enables you for a state-of-the-art performance monitoring of your sales metrics. With just a few click, internal and external recipients are equipeed with the latest figures. trayzr helps your sales team to sell more.

Your single point of reporting truth

Combine all your data sources in one complete system. Integrate data from relational databases with data from CSV or excel files available internally or provided by your external supplier in one core system. trayzr’s extended user management helps mapping your organisation structure to data permissions.

Reporting for everyone in your company

The intuitive report designer is the perfect companion for your reporting efforts. No deeper IT knowledge is needed to create huge reports playfully. With just a few clicks more, the report is sent out via eMail or used as a subscription to be sent out automatically in a user-defined interval.

This makes trayzr the core reporting tool in your company. Idealy the company’s corporate identity is applied.