Data Analytics has never been that easy

Build up a self-service olap reporting system for your customers and partners in no time.

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Easy handling

Reports created easy and intuitive

Create reports intuively by drag&drop. No expert knowledge is needed, to extract insights from attributes and metrics.

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Full Data Sovereignty

On top of your data

You’re the master of your data and trayzr surely don’t try to change this. trayzr only has read-access to your data. Where data is stored is defined by your systems.

Manage your data
Whitelabel option

Your data, your design

Adjust trayzr to your brand’s identity and make it your product: our whitelabel features allow to fully customize trayzr’s look&feel to act as your very own software solution.

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Data analysis for small and large companies


Sales development, support reports - even smaller companies can work more efficiently with the help of BI. trayzr is extremely easy to connect, internal reports can be created quickly and intuitively even without data analysis experience - and at a reasonable price.


If you want to provide your customers and partners with a detailed and dynamic reporting system, with trayzr you can be ready-to-go within 5 minutes. With the whitelabel option and extensive rights management, you can create and share professional reports in your own design.


If reporting is the main business model, trayzr is the right partner for delivering reports and analyzes to customers. As a complete whitelabel solution, communication takes place via custom domain and mail. And with the detailed rights system, every customer sees exactly what they want.

trayzr is the ideal partner to process our mass data and give our customers an aggregated view on their data.
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The choice is yours

Your data can be stored in various ways. Never mind if stored in relational data bases or in files. trayzr can connect to these sources.

Data Excel
Data Mysql
Data Oracle
Data Postgres
Data Sql
Data Exasol
Data Mariadb
Data Access
Data Amazon Redshift